What's a Prepaid Mastercard?


It's a card which you load up with money in advance, then use to spend in the shops. There's no borrowing or credit involved as it's your own money you're spending - it's not a credit card! So there's no need to worry about interest rates or bills.

It's accepted wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark, just like any other Mastercard card you may have in your wallet. It also works in ATMs (cash machines)

What's different about the BreadFX Prepaid Mastercard®?

The BreadFX Card is a Euro Prepaid Mastercard, so when you load it with sterling, we convert it into Euros for you (at very good rates). When you use your BreadFX Card in a Eurozone country, you're spending the Euros which you've already paid for. So you know in advance what exchange rate you're getting, with no hidden fees or surprises when you get home.

If you need more Euros while you're away, it's easy to top up again from your UK bank account or debit card.

And if you lose it, we'll express courier you a replacement, wherever you are*

Why do I want one?

Here are a few reasons

  • You'll get a better rate of exchange by changing your money with us than you can typically find on the high street or in the airport, so you'll have more money to spend. Why?
  • Because you're spending Euros, you know exactly what you've spent and how much you've got left. Check your balance any time via text message or online. Tell me more about how it works
  • BreadFX is free to get (£10 deposit taken at application and refunded on first load), and there are very few charges for normal use. Tell me about the fees

*There is a fee for this service