Topping up your BreadFX Prepaid Euro Mastercard® is simple

Card load

UK debit card

Topping up from your UK debit card is free.

Once you have received and activated your card:

  • Login or create your online account
  • Type in your UK debit card details
  • Enter the Sterling amount and calculate the amount in Euros
  • Confirm this amount
  • Your BreadFX Euro card is then loaded*
  • If you paid a deposit when purchasing your card, this will be refunded and loaded during your first load

We recommend that you use 3D secure (this is also known as Mastercard Securecode® and Verified by VISA®) on all loading transactions to help protect yourself from fraudsters. The bank that issued your debit card should be able to help you with this.

*as soon as we have verified with your bank that we have received funds from your card - normally within a few seconds.


Bank transfer

Topping up via bank transfer is free.

  • Send us an amount in sterling to our account with your card reference
  • We contact you when it is received and advise of the Euro equivalent
  • When you confirm, the amount is loaded to your card

Click here for a printable cheat sheet with more information