How does it work?


It's simple - you order your BreadFX Prepaid Mastercard® online (it's free to buy - £10 deposit taken and refunded on first load) and load it with cash using your UK debit card.

We convert your sterling into Euros as you load, at fantastic exchange rates, with no commission and no hidden fees.

We send you the card in the post which you activate when you receive it (details contained with the card).

You then use the card abroad anywhere in the Eurozone, like your UK bank card - but because the card is in Euros you know exactly how much you're spending.

You can check your card's Euro balance at any time using your mobile phone or the internet, and top up your card 24 hours a day when you need to. When you get home, keep your card for your next trip - it's valid for three years.

So why do I need this?

Traditionally, there have been several ways to obtain cash or pay for goods when you are abroad:

  • order cash and/or travellers' cheques from your bank in advance
  • use your UK debit or credit card abroad
  • buy local currency in cash at the airport or when you arrive

Travellers' cheques aren't accepted everywhere, but then no-one likes the risk of carrying all their holiday money in cash.

So lots of people use their UK bank cards abroad instead, but the exchange rate on each transaction varies, can be expensive, and may carry additional fees and commission**. You might not know how much you've really spent until you get home and check your statement.

And if your UK cards are stolen and cloned, you could end up having your bank account emptied and be stranded with no money while you wrangle with your bank. We can arrange a replacement card to be couriered to you***

A cost-effective alternative

With a BreadFX Card

  • Know exactly how much local currency you have before you go
  • Feel confident you are getting a great exchange rate
  • No need to worry about what rates and fees your bank may charge you
  • Load only how much you need and top-up 24 hours a day if necessary
  • Use your prepaid Mastercard card at over 32 million worldwide locations
  • If you lose it, we'll express courier you a replacement***

You can view your balance and transaction history online 24 hours a day and even receive the current balance via SMS for the cost of a standard network message.

Security of funds

All Cardholder funds are deposited at Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd (WDCS) on behalf of our customers

As a responsible e-money issuer, WCDS ensures that once it has received your funds they are deposited in a secure account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming transactions made by your Prepaid Card. In the event that WDCS becomes insolvent funds that you have loaded which have arrived with and been deposited by WCDS are protected against the claims made by creditors.

**Please check with your own bank for details of their rates and charges as they do vary bank to bank
***the cost of the third part courier is chargeable to you. This cost will vary depending on your location. Replacement card cost €7.50