Rates / Fees

Our exchange rates

We buy directly from the currency markets to offer you better rates of exchange than you might find on the high street or at the airport.

By using your BreadFX prepaid Euro Mastercard®, you cut out the overhead cost of shops, kiosks and paper currency.

Currency board
Euro Rates £1,000.00 Saving
BREADFX 1.1253 €1,125.34
Virgin* 1.0406 €1,040.60 €84.74
Airport* 1.0671 €1,067.10 €58.24
Exchange value
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Normal usage fees

Fee Type Amount
BreadFX Card Purchase Fee FREE**
Point Of Sale Transaction FREE
ATM Transaction in Euro €1.50

Other fees apply for non-Euro transactions. Some ATM operators may apply additional fees. Click here for a full list of card fees, terms and conditions

Virgin: Virgin currency card rate as at 15 September 2017
Airport: Travelex airport kiosk rate for reloading Travelex Cash Passport as at 19 April 2018

**£10 deposit required, refunded on first load of more than £50