Todays rates
Euro Rates £1,000.00 Saving
BREADFX 1.2452 €1,245.20
Virgin* 1.1643 €1,164.29 €80.91
Airport* 1.1346 €1,134.60 €110.60
Exchange value
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The BreadFX EURO Prepaid MasterCard®

  • Exchange your sterling before you travel
  • Carry Euros on your card
  • Spend it like cash

What's a prepaid MasterCard Card?

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You could get a better exchange rate from us, putting more Euros in your pocket... more...

How Do We Do It?

We buy direct from the currency markets on your behalf... more...

Top up 24 hours a day

With a variety of simple card loading methods including securely linking your UK debit card to your prepaid card, you can top up 24/7 by Web, phone or SMS, ensuring you are never short of Euros.